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Understanding Veterinary Physiology (For Undergraduate Students)


Prowess Publishing
November 1, 2019
Health & Fitness

Book Details

The title is the result of a long thinking of Veterinary Physiology, from a learner's point of view. In authors viewpoint 'Physiology is the language of medicine and health'. Therefore, he opines that, it should be taught and learnt to its details, but in a way, to release abstinence in use of books due to inevitable descriptiveness. Keeping this in mind, this book is planned to impart understanding of Veterinary Physiology in a different synoptic manner, in order to make its study crisp and effective. It will not only help students understand the various physiological processes, but also will help them study it to the point of guidance on every walk of life as a clinician, as well as an academician, in future. Furthermore, the contents being planned as per the requirement of syllabus prescribed by the esteemed Veterinary Council of India, hopefully it will be useful in preparation of various examinations, too. However, it will be helpful to develop and retain interest of any learner of Physiology over the globe. It tries to provide conceptual clarifications and to solve many mysteries of interesting complications in physiological processes, making it an interesting science, to study, to know and to widely apply in various references, as well.

Author Description

DR. S. S. KULKARNI M.V.SC., PH.D voluntarily retired as Head of the Department (Vet. Physiology) and Professor, after a long experience of 27 years in teaching, research, extension and administration in various organizations and institutes. He keeps special interest in Climatic Physiology. He worked as Dean, Veterinary College (at Udgir in District Latur, Maharashtra, India). He is known as an academician believing in conceptual understanding. He has keenly developed teaching aids for effective teaching with special interest in his area of specialization i.e. Veterinary Physiology. He has a good number of publications, presentations on various fora and memberships to various science communities at his credit. He is known as a teacher with moral social and scientific values among students of more than 25 years batches. His many more publications are to follow for discrete understanding of streams in Physiology. He has put his services on various important positions in social scientific communities and organizations.

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