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It’s Your Story Common Man


Prowess Publishing
January 19, 2022

Book Details

The proposed book is an autobiography presented in the form of fiction and covers the interesting development of an author's intense observation and memories recorded in the true sequence of his life. Struggle of a common man, rather every common man who aspires very high and is always has dreams in his eyes to the extent of belief. He thinks he is great and would be a very popular author, rather a celebrity and so, is enthusiastic and hopeful and he treats every failure as an opportunity for success. Years and years of his struggle, his achievements, his undaunted enthusiasm to reach to the greater heights, his career as a professor of chemistry and finally in retrospect a kaleidoscope of his multicolored experiences woven in the simple fabric of words presents this book as an interesting reading of a common man by a common man, for a common man as it goes.

Author Description

Dr. A.K. Goswami popularly known as Ankit was born on 5th July, 1956 in a desert town in Western Rajasthan called city of Bikaner. He is youngest but one son of his parents. Born in typical traditional Brahmin Goswami family of Bikaner, with lineage of scholarly grandfather Pt. Dhanrup Goswami who was a Sanskrit Scholar and teacher and his father Late Prayag Narayan Goswami who too was a teacher, free lancer and at one time politician for a small period of time. Mother Smt. Sonal Goswami was devoted house wife and mother of seven children, 5 boys and 2 girls having devoted her forty plus years in bringing up, this big family with commitment. Author as usually happens in such families never gained focus in the crowd and was a timid shy, intelligent kid over dominated by his elder ones. No one noticed and his growth into a young chemistry professor too was, not very overwhelming to his parents or siblings. An observer, intelligent enough to record and make memories. The common man grows in such a fertile land of commoners. Average schooling with good grades, ambitious, day dreaming for excellence, failure and success cocktail makes an author out of observer. Science and chemistry major truly created a very logical person in him Completion with himself and deep rooted desire, rather obsession made a successful teacher, researcher and finally a professor from this common stuff. Uncommon commoner is the true synonym aptly describing Ankit, the author. Academically well achieved and successful person having a list of research papers (more than 150+) more than 10 books, 30+ Ph.D. students under his guidance and all sort of administrative/academic positions to anchor upon. A well travelled person he has visited UK, USA, Canada, Japan, South and East Africa and worked for a couple of years in Kenyatta University, Nairobi as a visiting faculty. A cool, struggling, yet targeted person, extremely devoted to his small family of two sons and his wife.

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