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Get Immortalized your Personality with Ancient Truths (English/Marathi)


Prowess Publishing
January 2, 2020

Book Details

This book is written about some findings for life after author get enlightenment.Author elaborates some basics about Gods presence in cosmic energy, with its relationship in human aura, and mysterious fifth force as subtle polarity in between every molecules of universe. An innovation is explained in this book which realize everyone about god's existence, and god's language.Every reader may find out purpose of his life and explore self‐unique personality.Author found development of awareness, uniqueness and personality of youths in smart village community is first step for entrepreneur start‐ups. He elaborated all truth of life in this book which also provide code of conduct for all community members of new world.

Author Description

I was born in a middle-class family on 24th November 1970. After I complete my primary schooling and civil engineering education, I started my business. I started my life as a construction contractor from 1989 to 1997. I found all spiritual teachings and good moral practices taught by my mother and teachers are not useful for the working world to generate progressive company and revenues.However, business depends on some more secret art of doing business with greed, fraud practices, and unethical ways to win a competition, branding, face values, capitalism, and corruption with socio-political power brokers.We had been taught only nationalism and technical education. I had been forced to change my profession, as I am an honest entrepreneur. I found on whenever the ruling party in government changes sacksful business entities in previous administrative governments have a steep downfall as they were depending on the art of negative polarity of ethics of doing business.

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