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Brain Sleep Memory Productivity


Prowess Publishing
September 18, 2018

Book Details

Sleep is a very active state. Sleep is important to a number of brain functions and important to maintain the functioning of neurons including how nerve cells communicate with each other. In fact, the brain and body stay remarkably active during sleep. Sleep disturbances and sleep deprivation are considered as a necessity and in some quarters considered to be fashionable for night time activities. Sleep loss and sleep disturbances in modern society are due to changes in a variety of environmental and social conditions for example less dependence on daylight for most activities, extended shift work and 24/7 round-the-clock activities. Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders have great impact on both memory function and non-memory function of cognitive processes.

Author Description

Jane George Ph.D. graduated in clinical and neuropsychology. She was trained for clinical work at Mayo hospital of University of Minnesota in the departments of Clinical and Neuropsychology. She maintained A+ grade in her clinical work. Being a Full Bright Exchange student, she could stay only for two years in USA. She received MA degree plus several academic courses in the field. On her return to India she joined the Neurology and Neurosurgery department of Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore which is comparable to Mayo Hospitals in USA. She worked very closely with the well-known and highly recognized late K.C.Chandy, Neurosurgeon who was trained under the world renowned Dr. Penfield of Canada. She worked with two other neurosurgeons trained under Dr. Penfield. They wanted her to observe the neurosurgery as part of her training. They made it a point to explain the brain functions of each lobe and allowed her to participate in their research project of studying the functions of frontal lobe. At this juncture she was offered a position as Assistant professor at NIMHANS -National Institute of Mental Health and neurological Science in Bangalore with the responsibilities of teaching; supervision of clinical work of postgraduate students and conducting research. She completed her Ph.D. thesis collecting clinical data on 10 different clinical groups from NIMHANS.
She has an additional MA degree in social and Experimental psychology. Having returned to USA she worked with Health organizations in Minnesota providing pro bono Community Service and was involved with research on Depression during winter of rural community. In her private practice in Phoenix, Arizona she was on the staff of many hospitals in Phoenix and Tempe, where she was called upon to assess variety of neurological and psychological cases. She was a provider for all the highly recognized health Insurance companies including Champus and BlueCross Blue Shield. After retirement she worked for Phoenix social security system as a medical consultant for several years.
She has published papers on Neurological and psychological issues. Her research interests has been on Frontal and Parietal Lobes and Bipolar disorder. A year ago she published "Brain Robber and New treatments for Alzheimer's Disease published by Atlanta publishing, New Delhi.

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