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Jesus In The Quran


Jannah Promedia
December 12, 2017

Book Details

By God's grace, Islam is the fastest growing religion in our time, as confirmed by a study undertaken by the Pew Research Center, and our motive is to make this great divine faith known to all people. This book, Jesus in the Qur'an, speaks first about people's need to receive the divine message through prophets. They need this as much as they need food and drink to survive, if not more. God's messengers and prophets were assigned the task of giving people the right concept of God, their Creator, and explaining to them how to earn His pleasure and acceptance, and how to avoid incurring His anger. They put all this into practice so that their teachings would serve as a code by which to live, setting human life on the right course and ensuring their happiness in the life to come. The author relates the story of Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon him), starting at a point well before his birth, when his virtuous mother was pregnant. He then reports the circumstances of his birth and speaks about Jesus's message and the opposition he had to endure. The author then discusses the Qur'anic account of Jesus, which makes clear that he enjoys a very high position with God Almighty. We hope that readers will find this book useful in adding to their knowledge and understanding of Islam.

Author Description

Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd Al-Kareem Ash-Sheha is writer and author from saudi arabia. He write islamic book for future generation of ummah.

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