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I Wish I Could Hear My Name


Prowess Publishing
December 4, 2019
Self Help

Book Details

Addiction, Thanatophobia, Culpability, Obscurity and Cicatrices.In five years, Sharvil Vasudevan hasn't been able to find a way away from these five apprehensions of his life. It is difficult to tell which is more complicated, his blood toxicity or his mental wellness.Shobhna, his psychiatrist, finds he had a break up and thinks it is the reason why he is putting himself in slow death. But there is much more disguise in himself. His introversion hampers the flow of initial session.The whole scene changes when he hands over his journals to Shobhna.It flips her perception about his case, about him and raises a series of questions.

Author Description

Vineet K. Silaniya was born in 1995 in New Delhi. He is a graduate of University of Delhi, where he received Bachelors in Commerce, and of National Institute of Business Management, where he received MBA in Banking. He is also a financial modeler, currently working as an Analyst in a Multinational Company.Since, after his schooling, he put his portion of life in content writing. While his backpacking days, he encountered with lots of tales and framed them in properly structured stories. He is a believer and wants to convey what really exists in this very world.

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