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Voice of the Populist Jurisprudent

by L S Sathiyamurthy


Category : Law

ISBN No :9781545747476

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Justice V R Krishna Iyer, was dynamic lawyer. He was elevated as a Judge of the Kerala High Court and served as a 'Super Judge of the Supreme Court of India'. He had also fought in the general election and served as Minister in Kerala. He was a contestant to the high office of president of India too. He has delivered more than 750 judgments in the tenure of fewer than eight years, in the Supreme Court of India, which has serving as guiding precedents with resounding effects, even after four decades.
This book is a perspective analysis of the progressive pronouncements of Justice V R Krishna Iyer and his extra-judicial writings. The inimitable language and the contribution of words to the legal vocabulary by Justice V R Krishna Iyer are discussed quoting with relevant decisions.
The Judgments penned down by Justice V R Krishna Iyer in Ediga Annama case, (1974) which suggested a penealogical solution for punitive dilemma and the decision in Maneka Gandhi case (1978) that widened the scope of Article 21, Constitution of India are well examined are presented for the readers with more information.
The narratives and messages in the case of CB Muthmma, (1979) the first IFS qualified woman and how it removed the masculine prejudice from the Service Rules are useful law students and legal practitioners as well.
This book invites the readers on a fascinating journey of judgments which set new trends in Bail jurisprudence, legal aid to justice seekers and other important areas, we confront everyday.

Author Information

L S Sathiyamurthy

The author is a District Judge.
He has read Tamil Literature and Law. He is passionately pursuing research on Victim orientation in the Criminal Justice Administration, Crime Victims Rights and Restorative Justice.
He has authored a book on Poet Bharathidasan, in Tamil Language and contributing research papers in the international law journals.
He represented India and participated in the programme on Strengthening Road Safety Legislations organsied by the World Health Organisation (WHO) at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
He studied the thought provoking judgments penned down by Justice V R Krishna Iyer, the greatest judge of the Supreme Court of India and presented a classic work with an insightful analysis, without sacrificing the readability.

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    This is the book we need nowadays to know about law and justice . He gives his own views which was experienced by him. Initiative one. Must read .Best work sir. Wishes by Arunmozhivarman Author of Reflection of human Relations


    This book discusses the contribution of Justice VR Krishna Iyer to our country's legal system. The author emphasizes strongly that Justice VRK is giving a voice to voiceless or underprivileged people, the few instances are Annama Case, Menaka Gandhi Case, Article 21.Since the author serves as a judge and holds knowledge of literature and law makes it convenient for all segments of readers to understand  the philosophies, thoughts, and also the effect of the judgements of Justice VRK in present context. Best wishes to author Mr. L.S. Sathiyamurthy.

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