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A Time to Kill: The Bible and Self Defense


MindBridge Press
August 6, 2019

Book Details

This book is intended to give moral and ethical guidance on the subject of self-defense, which necessarily includes citations of law and various legal principles. However, the citations and examples used in this book apply only to the specific situations herein and must not be construed as legal advice in or for any specific situation. Furthermore, the recommendations, descriptions of weapons, tactics or actual use-of-force accounts must not be undertaken or used without first obtaining professional legal and self-defense advice from experienced lawyers and certified instructors IN YOUR OWN STATE. Self-defense laws and the legality of owning various weapons differ from state to state (and county to county and city to city in some states), including state and federal laws governing legal transportation of various weapons. The reader is encouraged to study the recommended works cited to gain a better understanding of use-of-force principles and methods, and then seek out hands-on training from qualified instructors before attempting to actively defend himself or others. Self-teaching or unskillful use of active defensive weapons and martial arts can result in serious injury or death. Self-defense is an individual decision. The reader has a personal, moral, and legal obligation to use power and knowledge responsibly and legally and is personally liable for improper use-of-force.

Author Description

Greg Hopkins received his first firearms training as an auxiliary police officer in his hometown of Waverly, Ohio, where he also served on the city council. He earned his law degree at The Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama, and served as a City Magistrate there. After graduation, Greg clerked at the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, and he was admitted to the bar in 1989. Greg served as City Prosecutor for Huntsville, Alabama, and trained the Huntsville Police Department and its detention officers in legal use-of-force. He received training for police advisors at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and completed Level One of Massad Ayoob's Lethal Force Institute in Pearl, Mississippi. After leaving the City Attorney's office, Greg practiced criminal defense law, served as a City Court Judge, and became a court-certified expert witness in firearms and self-defense law. He regularly consults on self-defense and firearms cases to analyze and reconstruct crime scenes. Greg is a nationally certified instructor in Use-of-Force and Pepper Spray by the National Criminal Justice Training Council of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and has been a certified NRA Pistol Safety and Personal Protection Instructor since 1991. Greg has trained police and civilians in use-of-force law for 21 years. He teaches legal seminars on self-defense law, effects of violence on witnesses, and effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Greg has taught Bible classes to adults since he was 18.

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