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The Sun will Rise Again (Second Edition)


Prowess Publishing
January 4, 2022

Book Details

This book captures some real-life scenarios where people bound by circumstances terminate their journey halfway. Being tired of failures, all their talents and aspirations get buried in the sands of time. Accepting it to be destiny's cruel decision, they move from door to door with a begging bowl, desperately in search of a faint ray of hope: 'Will the fortune ever smile on us?'Some terrorists and trouble makers train and engage innocent boys in unlawful activities. The high sounding speech of the self-claimed servants of the people, on different occasions like Independence Day, Children's Day, Martyrs' Day, .. end up with some promises and assurances - far from reality.Dada Ji's dream to change the lives of people around him and efforts to transform his vision into reality instil self-confidence among many. Rani Maa's untiring people-friendly activities and handling critical issues fearlessly further encourage his efforts.In a war between two parties, it is not always the strength that brings victory. Strategy concurs over bravado as Shekhar's decisions at crucial points helped him rise through ranks. Providing materialistic help to the needy is an earnest effort or a careless mistake. The focus should be to empower people, not to be needy again.Eliminate crime or criminal, an unconditional surrender of Wing Commander Mahesh narrates a different perspective to this.As Lord Krishna said to Arjuna on the 13th Day of the Mahabharata war, "Thou focus on the fight, leave the results to 'Almighty Me' ".The book highlights characters keeping up the fight till the end to see through their own Karma's fruits.One must be patient through dawn, as the night seems darkest at this hour. But we all know what comes next; The Sun will Rise Again and dispel the darkness.

Author Description

PRAJAPATI SARANGI, Ex-Reader in Physics, has worked across renowned Colleges in Odisha. Born in Kera, a village in West Singhbhum Jharkhand, is religiously famous for Kera Deity and is believed by locals to be 150 years old. An alumnus of N.I.T Rourkela, he started his career as a S.A.I.L. employee but later followed his passion for teaching. After serving for 32 years, he retired.During his tenure, he tried to help his students by collating essential concepts and formulae of Physics in one book (Understanding Physics), which was a local hit.It is this interest to pen down which urged him to write his first book. With this passion, he presents this revised edition.

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