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The Houseboat a sorrowful life

by Gopal Rout


Category : Nonfiction

ISBN No :9781545752883

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The title of the book clearly indicates what the book is about, but Kashmiriyat is not only the thing in this book, from Mystery, to comedy, philosophy to drama, from romanticism to sorrow the book has it all, Ahmed, the protagonist of this book is a cynic but interesting fellow, despite being a kashmiri and a muslim he is no different from us, this story focusses on his life, his ups and downs, waves of his rythmless confused mind and his transmutation from a normal life to a sorrowful one , the questions he has, and the meaning he searches for this book has everything, how good of a man he is, how does he face discrimination, what does he lack to what are his fears, How does the world looks from his lens. In the author's own words "Ahmed is no-one , but a fish searching his waters, and which we can all relate to

Author Information

Gopal Rout

A young lad, in his teens, who hails from a small but proud city of cuttack, who with a thin coat of facial hair and thick coat of questions is out with his book. He is a rationalist, and considers himself a combination of romanticized arts and logical science, he firmly believes in a egalitarian society. he believes that if your consience is right do not hold yourself back from speaking it out, he follows some of the influential writers, both popular and non popular, like William shakesphear, George orwell, Sa,adat Hasan Manto, Faiz Ahmed faiz and many more. He believes in the philosophy of food for all and hate for none. He is an example of age is just a number. Gopal is nothing but a farrago of thought provoking tales. He cosiders his stories a mirror for the society, and if the society is ugly he is not the one to be blamed.

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