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Nuestra Misa


IVE Press
July 10, 2012

Book Details

"Our Mass" is a book written to better know and love the great sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist, the mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ made present again and again on our altars. Rev. Father Carlos Miguel Buela states that "To understand what the Mass is, it is essential to have correct ideas about God: His existence, nature, works, and especially to recognize that He is a Pure Spirit, free, personal, provident and transcendent. Anybody who does not have correct ideas about God will never know what the mass is. The various forms of atheism which have invaded the Catholic world tend to ignore the first and main place which God occupies in the Mass. This is why there are so many men and women who do not value the Mass, and do not understand it, and therefore do not participate in it, or participate wrongly. Hence the main enemy of the participation in the Eucharist is theoretical atheism, but, even more, practical atheism or unbelief. The second great enemy of the Eucharistic participation is lack of love, either by ignoring its true nature, either by being selfish, or by not knowing to act out of love. These people are unable to understand what the Mass is, because the Mass is the great act of love of God towards us, and consequently it must be a great act of love from us to God. We participate in the Mass because in it we know that we are loved by God, and because in the Mass satisfy our need to express our love for Him (Our Mass, Proem).

Author Description

El R.P. Carlos Buela, IVE, fue ordenado sacerdote el 7 de octubre de 1971.
Desde el comienzo de su sacerdocio se dedic

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