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by Lohith PSS


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781545743508

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Naina is a simple living girl. She is from Pune. Naina lives with her mother. Naina follows her passion. She works in a VFX company. Vinay & Swetha are her close friends. Madhav is passionate about photography. One day Madhav captures Naina in his camera. He falls in love with her. Naina meets Madhav in a coffee shop & soon they become good friends. Sometimes Naina is haunted by dreadful nightmares. She thinks sharing things about nightmares with her friends sounds silly! She often sees a person wearing a mask threatning her nightmares. Naina meets a person in mask at the beach on her birthday. One day, she receives a text on her mobile from anonymous person. Who is the person she met on her birthday? Who texted on her mobile? Who is a threat to her life? Why is Naina afraid of passing by the abandoned building? What does Vinay want to convey to her? Naina is a happy person. One nightmare changes everything in her life. Everyone & everything around her seems doubtful.

Author Information

Lohith PSS

Lohith started his career as a Presales Executive in L&T Technology Services. He did his Master's in MBA Marketing from Christ University. He lives in Hyderabad. He follows his passion. He is a passionate writer & a blogger. He is a music enthusiast & a movie freak. He published short articles namingly: 'Time- A game Changer', 'Richness is not Happiness', 'Virtuality Killing Us', 'Sometimes- Are the Best Life Experiences' in his personal blog & company blog. He brings out the creative in him by penning down on the paper. You can check his artciles on www.lohithswritings.wordpres.com. You can follow him on www.facebook.com/lohithpss, www.linkedin.com/in/psslohith/

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