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Jesus True or False

by Joseph J. Randazzo


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781545743294

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Jesus, True or False has been debated for hundreds of years as well the coming of Jesus foretold and debated hundreds of years before Jesus was even born. How can this be, why is this subject matter so sought out and even fought over century after century? As Pope Julius II use to say to Michelangelo taking over four years' time to paint and finish up the Sistine Chapel ceiling, … "when will it end?" Perhaps it starts with the beginning battle between good and evil, light versus darkness. Who else on planet earth has been foretold of his arrival for eighty-nine generations before he was born? Who else while alive in human form owned no great positions yet produced the philosophy that has created unlimited amounts of financial millionaires and beyond?

Author Information

Joseph J. Randazzo

Joseph J. Randazzo has been a Holy Bible student for over fifty years, starting when his grandfather, Jasper Lonigro, would read Bible stories to him as a little boy. Still very passionate and inspired to seek out and discover the unlimited, profound information layered within the greatest stories every told, found in the collection of sixty-six books that make up the Holy Bible directed by God and then delivered through the Holy Spirit to about forty selected chosen men of God, which transcended over forty generations, and bridging a fifteen hundred year plus period for the benefit of the terrestrial occupants of this planet to share with you.

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