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Grandma Goes to Antarctica: A Journey of Discovery (Fixed-layout for iPad)


JR Media Group LLC
September 11, 2013

Book Details

This is the true story of a 57 year old grandmother who was stationed in Antarctica for five months as a contract worker for the National Science Foundation. Grandma goes outside of her comfort zone, learns much about Antarctica and herself, has exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventures and meets the most amazing people. First book in the Grandma Goes To...series. Written for children, educational for all ages and an inspirational read for the whole family. Visually stunning with color photographs. Meets common core standards. The Grandma Goes To...series is available as print and eBooks. Each title as a companion Teacher Study Guide. More information about the books and speaking engagements can be found on her website: www.grandmagoesto.com. Journey to the coldest, driest, windiest, and most barren place on earth. Experience life at the bottom of the world from the comfort and safety of your own home. Tag along with Grandma on her extreme excursions. Partner with the scientists and support personnel at McMurdo Station, the largest research station on the continent of Antarctica. Take advantage of this fun and unique learning resource. Not just for kids. Be inspired.', 'Grandma Goes to Antarctica: A Journey of Discovery (Fixed-layout for iPad).

Author Description

Jeanne enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and taking on exciting challenges as she explores other cultures.
In her motivational speaking engagements she conducts for children, teens & adults, Jeanne tells about her unusual life journey. This world-traversing grandmother loves to share her unique stories through her print, eBooks, study guides, presentations and web site. www.grandmagoesto.com

After 20 years of being abroad, out of state, in the suburbs, and living in northwestern Illinois, Jeanne is currently back "home" in Chicago. She travels between DeKalb & Mokena to visit with 4 of her grandchildren.

Since joining the workforce right after high school, Jeanne has had almost as many jobs as Mike Rowe (the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs). Some of her more unusual occupations include: movie extra for Kevin Costner's Waterworld, volunteer firefighter, exchange student mother, party planner, creator & manager of a Hawaiian Bed & Breakfast, PTA president and committee member, laborer for Habitat for Humanity, and now as author and motivational speaker.

Her philosophy when asked "Why?" is to respond with "Why not?!" Her mission is to encourage everyone to embrace the opportunities and 58transformative experiences that come into their lives.

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