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Flash Point: The Signpost Musing


Prowess Publishing
July 4, 2019

Book Details

This Title "FLASH POINT: The Signpost Musing" is the Author's maiden publication in English. It is like the fireflies illumination, moving and touching the various aspects of life and living. All 140 poems are small, to the point, theme based and have descended at different level of consciousness. Those poems have taken their own path, cause of travel and poised to jump to readers. Those thoughts bear the signature of TIME the Author has passed in between the last three decades. Each poem speaks a lot of moments, occassions, celebrations to carve-up a few. It seems as if the Fireflies flash once the thoughts get ripened to flash point. Readers can judge now.

Author Description

The poet Shachikanta born in Cuttack district, Odisha, India in 1965, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from CET, OUAT and at present is working as Asst. General Manager, National Aluminium Co Ltd since 1989. By profession he is an Engineer but by passion and compassion devoted to writing bilingual poetry in Odia and English as well. His Poetry book in Odia "TANMAYA TRUSHNA" has been published. For years since 1980 he has been a promising, acclaimed writer in Odia & English. His poems have been published in leading literature magazines in Odisha. His style of writing is simple, thematic and targeting to the readers at conscious level. The author also writes in social media, YQ platform under the pen-name TRISHA.

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