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Dating Game Secrets for Marrying a Good Man


December 26, 2022

Book Details

Is he a Good Man? Or a Jerk?
In the dating game, how does a side step the jerks to snag a good man? Where does she learn the rules of the game so she can protect herself from unnecessary injury? Who gives her the insider tips, hints, and secrets for confidence and success that will coach her through every stage of the game, from flirting to the final goal?
Finding a good man isn't as easy as it seems, but Dating Game Secrets for Marrying a Good Man is each woman's personal guide to the Dating Game, complete with
-A professional coach to guide her through the game.-19 game play strategies for her safety, confidence, and success.-A 3-date rule to identify the potentially abusive and manipulative before they come in for the tackle.-Practical hints for dodging the 20 common mistakes women make, so she will be less likely to fumble the ball-Hundreds of tips for avoiding unnecessary injuries by maneuvering around the stumbling blocks, potholes, loose balls, and collisions that are a common part of the game.-17 secrets to the male psychology to keep men in constant pursuit of her (from flirting, to the first date, to engagement and marriage) so she can reach the final goal of the dating game.
Play it safe by knowing the game and finding the guidelines that will help you win!

Author Description

Alisa Goodwin Snell is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over thirteen years of experience in treating a wide variety of mental health issues. In the past, she has primarily worked with single women's issues: from coming out of abusive and manipulative relationships to navigating dating and getting married (or in many cases, remarried). She has been a favorite speaker at many singles events, seminars, and conferences, and is the guest on many radio shows nationwide. She is currently a weekly guest of the KSL Nightside Project. To learn more about when you can hear Alisa on the radio, go to https://www.lastingloveacademy.com/. This website may also answer many of your other dating questions.Alisa is married and has one son. She owns a private practice counseling center, Davis Counseling Center, Inc., in Farmington, Utah.

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