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Acts The Holy Spirit at Work


August 13, 2020

Book Details

The Holy Spirit at work The Gospel is spreading In this powerful narrative, Luke records specific historical events marking the crucial moments of transition from Jesus' physical departure from earth (ascension) to the coming of the Holy Spirit to earth, focusing on the commission of the apostles and the beginning of the ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ in spreading the Gospel beyond Jerusalem to the ends of the world. Luke outlines an investigative historical narrative, detailing the works of the Holy Spirit through the apostles – primarily Peter, Stephen, and Paul. Although Luke's narrative was addressed to an individual Acts 1:1, it is equally relevant to the Church of Jesus Christ across the ages.This verse-by-verse devotional study, complete with engaging commentary and practical life applications, will renew your appreciation of the grace of God in your own life and challenge you to pursue a closer walk with Christ. As you embark on this journey, surrender yourself to the living Word of God to inspire you to share the fundamental message of the gospel with others: we are reconciled to the Father not by our works, but only by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.This extensive Devotional Commentary candidly addresses various controversial issues and offers challenging devotional thoughts and precepts, assuring the redeemed and warning the unsaved about the unchanging Truth of God's Holy Word. May we heed the words of Christ and open our ears to "hear what the Spirit says to the churches."

Author Description

Practical Christianity Foundation is a not-for-profit research Foundation organized in 1997 for the purpose of producing an easy-to-read devotional commentary series on the books of the Bible. Our goal is to encourage instruction and devotional meditation for individuals and small groups in matters of life and faith in God through His Son Jesus Christ in a study of God's Holy Word.Practical Christianity Foundation offers the global Christian community a simple, easy-to-read devotional commentary on the books of the Bible to encourage and nurture biblical instruction and meditation. In both the written and electronic editions, passages of verse-by-verse commentary are developed immediately following each verse and are summarized by notes and applications designed to apply the focus of the passage to the life and faith of those who follow Jesus Christ. Both the electronic and print versions of the Devotional Commentaries offer the reader a valuable resource, rich in godly and Christ-centered substance necessary for knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and worship.The comments are interpretive. However, the essence of the work is devotional. Each paragraph is a result of the collaborative deliberation that comes from deep personal meditation, intentional research, and faithful application arising from the conviction that the Bible is the word of the Lord to His people. God's Word is reliable, trustworthy, and God-revealing. We believe that when the Bible speaks, God Himself speaks. It is the Truth that brings sinners to repentance and guides their journey throughout their redeemed lives in Christ.We pray that this commentary series would lead unbelievers to Christ and enrich the lives of those who have been redeemed. We pray that each believer walk in the joy of the Lord, enduring the troubles of this world through the peace that only God can give. In all things, we lift up the Name of Jesus to the glory of God the Father and continue to humbly pray that He would graciously and mercifully reveal Himself through the study of His Word.

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