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Swallowed Ashes Victoria's Journey


Saguaro Books, LLC
December 17, 2020

Book Details

In the heat of an August evening, Victoria Vigna goes for a swim alone but returns home with an extra soul. Victoria or V as her friends and family call her, just graduated from high school and has her life all planned out. Being possessed by the newly deceased Natalie Knight is not in that plan. Together they must find out the mystery of how Natalie died. Follow them on a life-changing journey, comical conversations while trying to coexist, and thrilling experiences make this a fun sleuth book for all. … "I'm glad you're here." His voice is dry and raspy. I wait quietly, not knowing how he means that. He turns his face back toward the small fire. I see something glisten in his hand. It looks like an earring-the very match to the earring in my pocket, the earring of my newly dead friend, Natalie Knight. With fear taking over, I turn and start running. I hear him get up to run after me…

Author Description

Meredith Baldwin is a wife, mother, writer, conjurer of way too many stories in her head, and is the author of Swallowed Ashes Victoria's Journey. This book started many years ago in middle school. It was put in a box and moved to several different places throughout Meredith's life. It was rediscovered in 2009. Meredith was busy having more children at the time, so it was put back into a box. In 2012 some real writing started to happen. This is the first book ever written by Meredith.

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