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Satyacha Aawaz (Marathi)

by Sharad Gaikwad


Category : Religious & Christian

ISBN No :9788194449553

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What is "Truth"? This question has remained unanswered in the hearts of many people throughout the centuries. It is presumed that whatever the religions teach is the Truth. But the reality is something different. Suppose this is the correct answer, then the truth taught by all religions must not differ from one another, because truth doesn't change.This book will help you realize and meditate on the written Word of God. You will realize that the truth is something different than what you think. This revelation of truth will give you real freedom from all the wrong concepts and deceptive rituals. Let God speak to you through this book so that you can understand the will of God concerning you.

Author Information

Sharad Gaikwad

The Author is an Editor of Christian Marathi Monthly Magazine "Divya Preeti" being published from Satara, Maharashtra State, India. He writes informative articles in local newspapers on special occasions like Good Friday, Easter, Christmas etc. One of his articles "Satyacha Aawaz" received very good response from the readers. He got inspiration from that article, which was based on the principles of The Bible. The author presumes that to know the truth is today's necessity, as the world is fast approaching the end. Unless the truth is understood and accepted, the life after physical death, which is called "the everlasting life" in the Bible, cannot be achieved. So through this book, the author has dealt with the life and death of the readers.

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