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Preparing for Product Interviews: A Product-ive Guide to Landing a Job in PM

by Advaith Sridhar and Akash Ramdas


Category : Professional Development

ISBN No :9781545747407

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Preparing for Product Interviews is a one-stop guide for anyone wishing to successfully ace a Product Management Interview and land a job in PM. The book contains sample interview cases for the different types of product cases, as well as information on how to get shortlisted for PM interviews. Apart from these, the book contains interviews with established Product Managers in the global technology industry, which will help you better understand the PM role.

Author Information

Advaith Sridhar and Akash Ramdas

Advaith Sridhar is a 2019 IIT Madras Graduate and an engineer with the curiosity of a five year old. He has the uncanny ability to engage (and bore) even the most disinterested of people in a debate on tech for hours. When not working on the next big thing at Flipkart (where he currently works as an Associate Product Manager), Advaith can mostly be found raiding the kitchen, or asleep.
Akash Ramdas is a 2019 IIT Madras Graduate with a life motto of 'Sleep is for the weak/week'. He can be found working on high-impact projects and unnecessary assignments with equal gusto, and is now pursuing a Masters Degree at Stanford University. When not probing bizarre problems, Akash can be found trying out a variety of highly unhealthy fizzy drinks.

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