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Poems for My People and Me


January 25, 2017

Book Details

Poems for My People and Me was taken from the iconic Nina Simone. In her song titled Mississippi Goddamn, she sings of how all she want is equality for "my sister, my brother, my people and me." The spirit of Nina Simone's cry to the world is infused throughout Poems for My People and Me with verses of struggle and triumph dealing with race, sex, and poverty.

Author Description

Monica Sekhmet Grant is dedicated to uplifting people of color thru music, literature and organizing. Monica is the co-founder of Chi Rho Gamma Sorority Inc, an African-American empowerment organization, and author of Poems for My People and Me. Monica Sekhmet is a social entrepreneur living in New York City. Born in Ypsilanti, Michigan to a struggling actor and a mother in nursing school, Monica was taught to use an artistic approach to help others help themselves while carving out her own destiny. At the age of 7, she began taking piano lessons to keep busy and stay out of trouble. In middle school she joined the marching band, playing several instruments all the way thru college.

Music remained constant in her life while everything else changed: rapidly and drastically. To date, Monica has lived in 9 states and 2 countries. From the suburbs to the trap house to a homeless shelter in New Orleans. 3 universities later Monica now calls home New York City. From the moment you hear her speak you will know that there is more to her than you have been accustomed to.

The name Sekhmet came from years of studying Moorish Science and Nuwabianism. Sekhmet is the warrior goddess sent to the world to create balance. You can say that Monica Sekhmet is here to do the same thing with hip hop, literature, and film. She offers fans stories of struggle and triumph, and a level of authenticity that is rare and refreshing. Her eclectic background can be heard in her voice and lyrics. Her message of evolution, change, and power makes her not only a dope emcee but a voice for people to hear and respect.

Monica is a leader at her alma mater, Delaware State University, where she mentors sisters of Chi Rho Gamma Sorority Inc, an empowerment sorority she co-founded in 2008. In 2012, She helped to organize fast food workers in Brooklyn. Today, She continues to advocate for middle class jobs and healthy grocery stores in communities of color, worker's right to organize their workplace, and unity amongst people of color and the LGBT community.

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