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Love for an Addict: The Anatomy of Love and Addiction


November 2, 2017

Book Details

I remember coming to Earth. I know this sounds crazy, but I do remember and I cannot deny it! I've never met anyone else who remembers coming to Earth, until a few years ago, when I came across a book written by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, wherein, he too remembered coming to Earth. God has always seemed so real to me - I felt like I knew him. I waited in a long line, along with many people or spirits, and was excited when it was finally my turn! It was considered special in the spiritual realm to have the privilege of being wrapped in an earthly body to come to Earth! Even if the body was crippled or maimed, it was still a privilege. I was so excited about my arrival, I said, "Oh, Lord, send me to a troubled family, and I'll tell them all about you and how much you love them. I know as soon as I tell them how much you mean, how wonderful you are, and what a great Lord you are, they will love you just like I do! Oh, please send me. I will not lose my way, I promise!" He said, "Oh, believe me you will lose your way. Everyone does, but I promise you this: you will always find your way home." Well, the next thing I knew, I was here. I had no idea what was in store for me. I had made contracts with certain people, and now I had to live up to those agreements. I was here on Earth all right, and I was in a real cozy family. The journey had just begun.

Author Description

Barbara Fonger was born on August 1, 1948 in Seattle, Washington, at Puget Sound Hospital. As an author, her hope is that by reading this book, people will understand the process of life a little more - that they will somehow be able to make sense of the mistakes that were made or just be more at peace with the life they have lived.

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