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Inner Winner: Finding The Gold That Lies Within


November 14, 2017

Book Details

Inner Winner: Finding The Gold That Lies Within, is a story about living in a fear-based consciousness that can be summed up by the statement, not feeling good enough, and lacking the true self-esteem and self-worth that one needs to live a joyful and authentic life. Judy shares her journey about literally, and figuratively, fighting for her life to overcome all her negative self-concepts and self-image. Through a drive and tenacity to understand why life as an adult didn't feel or look how she envisioned it should, she began to look for answers as to why not. To find these answers, she had to look within and there, underneath all the misconceptions and misunderstandings she had about herself and the world, she found Gold. She shares her story to inspire others and bring light to the possibility that the facades, personas, and roles we play of having it all together and all figured out, may be a hindrance to true joy and love. Her desire is to encourage the reader to look within and begin to cultivate the self-awareness which will become their most valuable "partner" in all relationships and expressions of the self.

Author Description

Judy Swallow is a former competitive figure skater and has been a skating coach for 35 years. She had her first real introduction to the mental aspect of sport in a workshop at a training camp in Lake Placid, NY when she was 15. It struck a cord within her and really sparked her love for psychology which soon became her passion. As she began to pay closer attention to her inner feelings of inadequacy and the lack of belief in herself, this drove her to study and delve deeply into the subject of psychology, consciousness and mindfulness and has been doing so since her 20's. This choice lead her step by step to cultivate a practice of self-awareness that enabled her to understand and undo all the beliefs and programming that she held within, which has taken her from feeling insecure to now claiming her presence in the world, finding her authentic voice and expressing it.

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