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Hickory Dickory & Doc: That Can't Be the Time!


Imagine and Wonder
November 29, 2022

Book Details

What could possibly go wrong when three intrepid mice decide to go into business making clocks? Find out in this colorful, hilarious storybook that boys and girls will want to read again and again. Hickory, Dickory, and Doc are three brothers who just happen to be mice. They decide to go into business making clocks and launch The Hickory Dickory Doc Clock Factory Limited! It was a brilliant plan! Hickory was a good carpenter. He could cut out the numbers and the hands of the clocks. Dickory was a good painter. He could paint the clocks. Doc was the oldest and cleverest of the three. He would be in charge of making the insides of the clock. What could go wrong? As it turns out, a lot, when each and every clock gets wound the wrong way and time starts to run backward. Everyone started doing everything backward. People wore socks over shoes. They wore their underwear OVER their pants! All the clocks need to be fixed. In the end, lessons are learned, neighbors are friends, and The Hickory Dickory Dock Clock Factory Limited is a great success. If you've heard of Mickey Mouse and the Three Blind Mice, you'll love the story of these three adventurous, adorable brothers: Hickory, Dickory, and Doc! Also available: Hickory Dickory Doc This Isn't My House! and Hickory Dickory & Doc Uncle Able to the Rescue.

Author Description

An Australian poet-pirate-persona is a very good place to start describing this relentless-rhymer, but his books are as multidimensional as the renaissance man himself. Simon Mills is a gregarious, larger-than-life author who masterfully communicates on multiple levels. Courageously comedic and then soulful when you least expect it, his stories entertain the parent reader on one level and the youngster on another entirely. You will meet Violet the Virus who longingly loves people but has no idea she is harmful. You will meander through Venice with Pigeoni, the Italian consigliere whose fanciful-fairytales prove too much for his fellow feathered friends until they discover the remarkable truth of his character. Parables that ponder themes from bullying to self-belief in I Lost My Brave, and from racial harmony, in Cyril the Squirrel to social distancing dilemmas in I Lost My Hug.

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