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A Whisper of Spring time: Jason’s Heart Transplant Miracle


Good heart Press
July 25, 2014

Book Details

How would you react if your baby lapsed into a seizure and stopped breathing? On the verge of death due to an inherited heart disease, a miracle occurs for Jason! Transported by Life Flight from Salt Lake City, Utah USA to Southern California, he receives a two-year-old child's heart during a midnight surgery. This detailed narrative of an infant heart transplant at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) will ignite a flame in the very core of your soul.

Author Description

Tedi Tuttle Wixom born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, USA grew up far from hospitals and medical technology in pristine Idaho surrounded by high mountain lakes. Raised by an artist mother who taught school, her entire family became immersed in art, music, and books and naturally learned to love the beauties of the outdoors. Her mother read Arabian Knight Tales, Bible Stories, and Fairy tales to her five daughters. In her youth, Tedi also enjoyed reading encyclopedias, dictionaries, and maps while being raised by self-sufficient pioneer stalk that helped tame the Wild Western Frontier.She began her formal education at Ricks College (BYU-Idaho) in commercial art and design although she loved basketball, softball, volleyball, and track and could have easily enrolled as a PE major. After obtaining her Associate Degree she served a Mission to teach the gospel in Tallahassee Florida, USA 18 months before meeting and marrying an Idaho dairyman. A transformation became inevitable when they fell on hard times and liquidated their farm assets. Thus, they returned to BYU at Provo, USA where her husband completed his Master's Degree and she began her journey to complete a Bachelor's Degree in English.Nine children later she recently returned to BYU to finish her degree. In the midst of raising children, cats, dogs, and college graduates She spends her time writing, reading, composing music, and gardening. She is presently finishing a novel Joseph, based on King Tut the Musical that her son Jason and she wrote nearly a decade ago. Two co-authored books for children were dreamed up by Jason, whom nobody would have believed to have survived. They include: Cock-a-doodle-doo, I Love You and Get Down and Boogie with colorful art by Derek Lancaster and Jeremy English.Never hospitalized until her first child was born, she has become all too familiar with hospitals. She lives with her husband of 30 years, children, a dog named Cloud and a cat named Ghost.

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