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January 17, 2023

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The detective and negotiator Douglas Fernandes is hired to track down the kidnapping of the daughter of a well-known businessman. In the middle of a journey full of ambition, deceit and abandonment, he will find himself falling in love with the victim, without even having met her.
Veronica is an independent, confident woman. However, she will be confronted with one of the most difficult moments of her life. While she is being held captive, she will begin to break the chains of the past and will discover that not everything that seemed to be is in fact. That love can chain a person, but also save her.
Encounters, misunderstandings, and revelations will be constant, and the other side of the story can make her even more valuable, or not.

The night was warm, and although she liked to use the air conditioning,Veronica preferred the breeze that came with the wind. Sitting on the balcony, shewatched the horizon wondering how her father would be at that moment. Certainly hewas suffering and so was she for being away, but she needed to behave and accept therules of that situation. She didn't even know what was going on. Everything seemedstrange and unfounded to her. She had blindly trusted the detective and she was wrongabout him.After the silence and night had taken over the whole place, Veronica returned toher room, leaving the window open so that the breeze could come in and refresh theroom naturally. Then maybe she could fall asleep right away.Sleep did not come at any cost and upset she got up to go to the toilet. As she gotout of bed and took her first steps, she saw something crawling past in front of her.Although the clarity wasn't much, it was enough for her to see that it was a snake."Oh, My God!" - Veronica said, hurrying to the door. Her heart was beatingunsteadily and without thinking about what she was doing she ran into the corridorforcing her eyes to see in the darkness. She didn't want to look scared in front of theman in the next room, but her legs were shaking so much that she didn't act so proudand went for help. When she opened the door and went inside she felt strong handstaking her by the waist and squeezing her gently."What is it, Veronica?" - Douglas asked with heavy breathing."There's a huge snake in the room." - she said, not realizing how close they wereto each other."But everything is quite locked. How could that happen?" - he stared at herwithout letting go."I don't know what happened. The only thing I can tell you is that there is onethere."Douglas pulled her aside and reached for the light switch. When the lightdominated the place, Veronica noticed that he was wearing only underwear. Theadrenaline took over their bodies and Veronica didn't know whether to tremble becauseof the shock or because she was standing in front of the sexy man.

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