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UNITE: Transform Your Relationship With Life

by Tiberio Faraci, Dominique Hort, Cinzia Gheza & Sally M. Veillette


Category : Self Help

ISBN No :9781545748015

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Make your life come alive and shine with American-made drive and Italian-style passion. There is a way to reclaim your freedom and let your true, authentic self shine through. Make life into an ally—not an enemy! Evolve each relationship in your life—how you view yourself, your intimate partner, your career, and more. We chose to begin your journey in warm, emotional Italy, playfully diving into its culture to pull out its heart, then to bring this fire across the ocean into the ambitious American paradigm—to your inner core, inviting organic evolution. Firing up your inner Italian, you fuel and free your passions, desires, and feelings. Your inner American then comes in to channel this passion with drive, vision, and determination toward your goals. Your soul connection comes alive. Life thrives and flows naturally, as it should. UNITE takes you by the hand—Italian style—and slowly walks you through the ABCs of what we call "Life²," a life that has come to life. It is a call to feel, act, and connect.

Author Information

Tiberio Faraci, Dominique Hort, Cinzia Gheza & Sally M. Veillette

Sally Veillette. Electrical engineer, business executive and author of award-winning Coming to Your Senses: Soaring With Your Soul, Sempre Dritto and Sicilian Roots, among others, Sally is a dual citizen of the United States and Italy. A recognized pioneer of "relational tourism" in Sicily, she travels between the USA and her grandparents' Sicilian birthplace, bringing you her awareness of how our body's innate intelligence interplays with our mind, soul and life. Sally also assists Sicilian food producers with exportation.
Tiberio Faraci. Tuscany-born international life counselor, philanthropist and best-selling author of Innamorati di te ("Fall in love with yourself"). This book was the first in what is now a thirteen-book series, and counting, including Non ti scordar di te ("Don't forget about you") and Nessuna rinuncia ("No holds barred"). Tiberio brings you his passion, vision, wisdom and experience transforming lives around the world.
Dominique Hort. Noted doctor of chiropractic, Dominique ("Dom") comes from Ticino, the Italian- speaking region of Switzerland. He is a certified clinical nutritionist, wellness educator and co-author, with Tiberio, of Come te non c'è nessuno ("There is no one else quite like you"). He is also the co-owner with Carlo Cortella, Ph.D., of SOLS (www.solsociety.swiss), a company that creates harmonious life-enhancing energetic environments for optimal function and inspired living. Dom brings his wisdom of how tensions in life and in the body form—and transform.
Cinzia Gheza. Born to Italian parents in the German region of Switzerland, Cinzia embodies both cultures and expresses her essence into Conscious Gardening and Conscious and Awakened Living and Service. Her capacity to hear people's hearts, combined with her crisp acuity and managerial vision, helps her manage with her husband, Dominique, their wellness center. Cinzia brings you her generous heart, genuine caring and innate wisdom.

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