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The Geese That Lay The Golden Eggs: Romance Scams


June 23, 2022
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Book Details

Romance scams, or "Prince Charming" scams, are increasing exponentially and sweeping over every continent. From the United States to Australia, from Europe to Asia. It can happen to any woman: they're contacted online on a social networking site by improbable characters who after two days fall in love, and after three ask for a money remittance to solve an unexpected and very serious problem. Among all the extortions made over the Internet, romance scams are the most profitable and safest for the rogues of the web. Apparently simple and repetitive, they can have many different facets to them, because over time the method has evolved and been refined. The aim is always the same, to extort money from women by focusing on making them fall in love, using cloned photos, plagiarised poems, and fake information. The process may sometimes even be so simple-minded as to immediately reveal the scam, however, as Romance Scams are highly profitable, criminals have refined the system to manage to cheat the targeted person with very high odds of success.So any woman may come across clumsy flatterers, or rather, encounter skilled weavers of emotions who know how to shape a courtship like a tailor-made garment sewn onto the victim.

Author Description

The author is an attentive observer of women`s issues. The thorny question of romance scams comprises, together with the telling of true stories, research aimed at understanding the dynamics of the phenomenon and the emotional damage which allows it to spread. In the passage signed by Mirta B. Bono, amongst the other episodes she talks about, the author describes her own experience as the subject of deceitful attention by a scammer she met on facebook.

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