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Soul Excavation: An Exploration and Discovery of Self Through Fear, Failure, and Quantum Physics


November 11, 2022

Book Details

Soul Excavation: An Exploration and Discovery of Self Through Fear, Failure, and Quantum Physics is about one woman's transformational journey of living from fear, anger, and pain to discovering and choosing to live as the Infinite Power, Creativity, and Love she is at her core.Lesia Kohut begins with her story of fear—a brave, candid exploration into how the turbulent relationship with her dad and confusing relationship with God early on in life lay the groundwork for three main limiting beliefs. These beliefs were the foundation for several decades of living in fear, anger, pain, and self-doubt, leading to attempted suicide, alcoholism, and believing there was something inherently wrong or broken with her. In the second story, she focuses on the failure, grief, and loss of identity felt during the painful, emotional, and financially crushing experience of closing down her "dream turned nightmare" organic, sustainably-minded, gluten-free bakery.By the leap of faith story, Lesia illustrates how her steadfast commitment to her Spiritual/Consciousness Studies inspired and empowered her to anchor herself in knowing that, no matter what personal, financial, and emotional challenges she and her family faced while moving across the country a few years ago, she was always at choice as to how to move forward in life—that she was the one creating her reality.In the next part of the book, Lesia explores the concept and impact of limiting beliefs, focusing on the three main beliefs from her life, "You're not good enough," "You're not smart enough," and "You don't have what it takes." She tells us how her Spiritual Studies, including the more recent plunge into Quantum Physics, helped her to become aware of her relationship with those long-standing beliefs, and to better understand and accept how and why they'd kept her feeling stuck for so long. This awareness and understanding led to the profound realization that she was actually not her beliefs, but that she was infinitely bigger and more powerful than the fear, anger, and pain she'd felt and the failures she'd experienced for most of her life.Lesia explains how this renewed sense of faith, and exciting understanding of reality from a quantum perspective has become the new foundation for how she now perceives and values her relationship with her dad and with God, how she looks back on circumstances around the closing of her beloved bakery, and how she moves forward in life today. By sharing her journey from fear and failure to infinite possibilities, Lesia shows us that just because life has been a certain way up until now, doesn't mean it has to be that way going forward. The stories, nuggets, and aha's in this book open the door for others to realize that we can all choose to live from love rather than fear, at any time; that we are all creators of our reality; and, that we are all infinitely more

Author Description

Lesia Kohut is a speaker, podcaster, activist, and coach. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Advanced Consciousness Studies, and is a Religious Science Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.Lesia's ongoing journey of spiritual exploration, personal growth, and expansion of consciousness is the foundation for this book. Through Soul Excavation, Lesia has helped hundreds to let go of the limiting thoughts, stories, and beliefs that have kept them feeling stuck, freeing them to live the life they want and are meant to live. Her podcast, "Who do you Think you are?" is available on YouTube and major podcast platforms. Soul Excavation is her first book.

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