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Mindfulness: Lessons To Learn Before Going To Bed


July 12, 2022

Book Details

Have you ever realized that your mind is always most relaxed when you prepare to go to sleep? Your night will be disturbed and troubled if you go to bed weighed down by the hassles of daily life.
Imagine reading a book to help you fall asleep…. Did you know that your mind is most relaxed at the time you prepare to go to bed? This is also the moment when it is at its most receptive state and best able to assimilate information. Your night will end up disturbed and cumbersome if you go to sleep weighed down by the burdens of daily life. On the other hand, your sleep will be peaceful and you will be well rested if you go to bed with a light head. The main aim of this book is thus to offer you short, simple stories and tales that will help you to forget for a moment the stresses of the world, from others, as well as your own. The purpose of these tales is to take you back to experiences that, due to the demands of modern life, are most of the time pushed to the back of the mind. Deliberate efforts have been made for the positive impacts of this book to be as close to our real lives as possible: the fears, all sorts of temptations, including the burdens of daily life that hang over our shoulders. There is always this quiet inner voice that does not leave us at peace.To sum it up, there are so many underlying mental processes that contribute to the "rot" in our lives. Fortunately, there are many positive illustrations for giving the mind a state of calm and tranquility, and which have enabled us to better understand these processes that otherwise would tear us apart.

Author Description

Dr. P. Costa, Specialist Doctor, Otorhonolaryngology and cervico-facial surgery, Belgium. Title of Allergologist, University of Lille 2, France. Title IUD (Interuniversity Diploma) in rhinology, anatomo-clinical and pathophysiological principles of rhinology therapies, University of Paris V, France. Member of the World Allegology Organization (WAO, World Allergy organization). Member of the European Society of Junior Rhinology. Member of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (EAACI Junior Association). Member of the Belgian Otorhinolaryngological Society. Member of the Belgian Society of Allergology (BelSACI, Belgian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology). Member of IBEDSMA (Interdisciplinary Belgian Sleep Medicine Academy).

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