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Love, Life & Fiction (A Collection of short stories)


Prowess Publishing
September 8, 2020

Book Details

'Love, Life & Fiction' is a collection of fantastic and uniquely told short stories that touches the bottom of reader's heart. They narrate stories into reader's ears with a voice filled with the music of emotional intelligence and the tone of rational honesty. The stories that you want to come back to and the characters that you want to talk about. Like a cool breeze that caresses you when you stand in your balcony with a fresh coffee in your hands, these stories cohere with your thoughts. Creating a mystical reality with their flow, these stories are your carriers to another world, a world full of love, joy and freedom. On a frustrated evening of a work day or a fun-filled lazy afternoon on a weekend, this set of pearls is your companion giving all the signs that you need to give yourself a wide smile. A fiction that is filled with pulp of genuineness and a taste of variety, this book lets you love, hate and nurture along with the very possibilities that exist around us. Before getting onto this beautiful journey, let me introduce each one of them in a line or two. Start reading 'Eyes Talk' to experience the journey of Pranu and Shoban with the fate. Does this world deserve the truest form of love? 'An Afternoon Dream', in its unique way express the unexpressed emotions left in all of us and creates a mystical reality with its narration and touches an untouched concept, the form of love. War shatters not just assets but our thoughts too. '1940s' is a period short-story dealing with the contradictions and complications in the mind process of a Romanian oil field worker, Mihai. 'Dreamers' is philosophical in the way it was told and only when one reads between the lines, one would understand the imagery. Passion, worship and duty; In a way they are synonyms. Ajeya in 'The Untouchable God' tells us how are they intertwined. 'Serve' is crafted out of the emotional and rational conflicts that arise within us during a pandemic like Corona that has been shaking the world at the time of publication of this edition. 'Dehiscence' is a mere reflection of the deepest desires we live with. 'An artful of love'. As charming as a handful of pearls, this tale is a tale of an artist and a prostitute.

Author Description

Be it a history class in my high school, a news story on the daily paper or the novel, 'An Equal Music' by Vikram Seth, I have been inspired by every book and every story that I had read over years. Like a kid who looks into the star lit sky and imagines to pick them with his hand, I enjoy picking the bestest of the infinite possibilities of a plausible event and conceive a story out of it. I consider literary world a beautiful and ever exciting alternate reality and I feel lucky to be part of it. I have graduated from IIT Guwahati and have been working as front-end application developer in Bengaluru since then. Ever since the dream of becoming an author turned itself into a seed of passion and grew in me, I enlarged my 24-hour day to fit my writing. I am Uttej Goparaju and this book, 'Love, Life & Fiction' is my first publication.

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