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I Overcame MS the Natural Way

by Karen Pine


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781631101007

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The title is a simple statement that says that I have overcome MS the natural way. This was accomplished through prayers and petitions to God, consuming alkaline foods and supplements, and other amazing discoveries. The research is out there, but bits and pieces are in several different books, articles, and papers. I wanted to give my readers one book that lists all of the beneficial research that helped me win the battle over MS. I am currently testing and compiling more research with my husband, Scott. We hope to share our latest research in a second book in the year 2016.

Author Information

Karen Pine

I live in Southern Illinois with my husband, Scott. We have two amazing children, Kyle and Sara. Kyle and his wife, Darcy, have a three-year-old son named Alex. Sara and her husband, Brent, have a one-year-old son named Logan. We have been so blessed with such an amazing family, church family, and friends. Our strength to continue with the alkaline diet, when results weren't seen, came from our faith, a strong family bond, and encouraging friends. God has truly blessed and shown us that He is with us at all times. God showers His children with blessings -- open your eyes and believe!
My good friend, Nancy, wrote this about me: "Multiple Sclerosis can be reversed. If you find it hard to believe, read the proof for yourself. Karen and her husband Scott will tell their story of how the quality of Karen's life went from horrific to terrific.
Karen Pine was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012. An MRI confirmed Karen had 10+ lesions in her brain and one lesion going down her spine. She experienced many symptoms including numb hands, feet, face, and tongue, severe dizziness, vision impairment, hearing loss, difficulty breathing and swallowing, severe neck pain and more. Karen has defeated MS naturally. She is now symptom FREE and drug FREE. Karen says, 'My MS doctor has told me that I don't need him anymore!'"

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    I love this book! It is very well written about the author's own experience with MS. She first tried routine medical treatment, but found relief through prayer and a more healthy way of life. The book is easy to read and understand. It is a must read for not only those diagnosed with MS, but anyone interested in learning a simple and easy healthier lifestyle. Readers will quickly be able to apply simple dietary and lifestyle changes that can improve their health for years to come.

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