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How Rationale is Indian Politics?


Prowess Publishing
May 21, 2019

Book Details

It is about how our illiterate and mediocre leaders have acquired complete hegemony over Indian politics. It is about how are they misusing their powers to build their illicit dynasties at supersonic jet speed from very poor backgrounds while a majority of population is still struggling to earn basic livelihood security and dignity even after 70 years of freedom. It is about how they have stamped their birthright to avail all government facilities life long. It is about their obsession to live in sprawling houses and remain surrounded by elaborate security in public life in or out of power. It is about their insensitivity about a large majority of population living in penury in cramped and congested houses and without any security. It is about acute discrimination and disparities at social, economic and physical level in our highly skewed and heterogeneous society. It is about how our gullible public is hoodwinked and duped by leaders to fall in their traps and vote for them? It is about how press is dancing to the tunes of leaders and running after them instead of highlighting their misdeeds and arbitrariness. It is about how news coverage is dominated by politics, crime and accidents than more important and burning common public issues. It is about how our society is being divided and exploited aggressively thanks to our inappropriate politicians. It is about recommending some possible solutions to end unwarranted political hegemony and pen gateway for developing an inclusive and sustainable India.

Author Description

Retired Senior bureaucrat in the Government of India. Was involved in planning, development, management, administration and coordination activities of various government projects. Represented India in BRICS meetings during 2009–12 as Expert. The major academic qualifications include Graduation and Masters from Hindu College, Delhi University, and Masters in Development Studies from UK. Extensively travelled throughout World.

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