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Grandma Goes to the South Pacific - A Voyage of Appreciation (Fixed-layout for iPad)


JR Media Group LLC
September 11, 2013

Book Details

The grandmother who worked in Antarctica reminesces about the time she spent in French Polynesia, living on a remote, private island-population of 4. Grandma once again went outside of her comfort zone, learned much about the scarcely populated Archipelagos of French Polynesia, while meeting the most interesting individuals. Second book in the Grandma Goes To...series, written for children, educational for all ages, and an inspirational read for the whole family. Visually stunning, with 41 color photographs. Meets common core standards. The Grandma Goes To...series is available as print and eBooks. Each title has companion teacher study guides. More information about the books and speaking engagements can be found on her website : www.grandmagoesto.com. Travel to the scarcely populated tropical islands located in the remote South Pacific Ocean. The next closest large inhabited island is Pitcairin, of Mutiny on the Bounty Fame. Go island hopping with grandma with another one of her true-life extreme adventures. Experience the island lifestyles of French Polynesia. Visit a pearl farm, swim with sharks, and lay on an exclusive beach at sunset. Take advantage of this fun and unique learning resource. Not just for kids. Be inspired.', 'Grandma Goes to the South Pacific - A Voyage of Appreciation (Fixed-layout for iPad)'

Author Description

In her motivational speaking engagements she conducts for children, teens and adults, Jeanne tells about her unusual life journey. This world-traversing grandmother loves to share her unique stories through her print, eBooks, study guides, presentations, and web site (www.grandmagoesto.com). Because of her unique outlook on life, the Chicago-born mother and grandmother has been a movie extra for Kevin Costner's Water world, volunteer firefighter, clothing model, exchange student mother, founding member and board member of Waimea Main Street, creator and manager of a Hawaiian Bed and Breakfast, PTA president and committee member, laborer for Habitat for Humanity, serial entrepreneur, park district director, and now as author and motivational speaker. Jeanne continues to relish life's moments as she travels, meets fascinating people, and explores other cultures. Her intention for the Grandma Goes To...book series: "I hope to encourage young and old, to embrace the opportunities and the trans-formative experiences that come into their lives".

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