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by Ramesh Bunkar


Category : Fiction

ISBN No :9781545751732

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Adrift depicts the way lust for love and wealth is persuading a person, particularly youth of this world to wander from one place to another. He realises only at the end that it was nothing but an endless rate-race and he could have served the humanity with more dedication had he not become a part of this race. Everyone in the village (where the story takes shape) was happy but only those who had been entrapped by this lust were restless and the story revolves around them only. Those who are also drowning along the stream with the same pace may not judge the chaos but only those who are not driven it like pole-star may only show path to others even in extreme darkness.

Author Information

Ramesh Bunkar

The author very strongly believes that one can write a satire without hurting the feelings of anyone. It is a medium by way of which one can interact with his readers and establish his views more emphatically. It is absolutely true that the literature is a mirror and can only depict which is available in the surroundings. Writer also believes that when we say something in humorous way people may instead of taking it as a burden happily understand it and not even hesitate to go into the depth of the message.

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