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Prowess Publishing
June 24, 2021

Book Details

Aaran (inner strength), is the first of the series of three stories that I have always had in my mind. There is no greater joy in this life, than bringing thoughts to life. An individual goes through various ups and downs in this beautiful journey. No road is smooth. How we deal with our problems, in professional and personal life, make us who we are. Aaran is a story of an ever smiling ex-army lieutenant, Baldev, who learns life's lessons the hard way. In the struggle to make a normal life for himself, he lost what he loved and found what he never wanted. He prioritizes need over creed, and relations over life itself.Its a story of how he is pulled to the depths of violence, beneath the calm surface of a turbulent city and how he swims out of the it. In this story, everyone is a loser. Only the City wins.

Author Description

Sitting on the pristine beaches, of one of the many amazing islands of Maldives, I picked my pen and began jotting down whatever came to my mind. This was in the year 2008. Swine Flu cases were on an increase, and our response was as strong as the outbreak itself. Somewhere, between the ever growing work and busy life, the short stories written on loose sheets, got lost in the pile of ever increasing medical and management books. As career took-off, emergency duties turned into long, unending meeting hours. In the midst of the happening-life, the pile of papers, which I had once written-on, gathered dust in some corner of my study.Fast forwarding the timeline to 2021, I am, now, in the mesmerizing North-Eastern part of our very diverse Nation, busy working with a highly dedicated and motivated team of Government professionals and partners. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, my lovely, supportive girl friend-turned wife, found my writings packed in a suitcase. Like any other curious partner, she went through them, thoroughly, and kept them on my table.As I read through the contents of my dusty folder, I realized that thirteen years is a very long gap, which needs to be made-up for at the earliest. And I sat down, each night, to re-think what I had 'then' thought, compile what I had 'then' written, and complete what I had 'then' left in-between.In my own words, I wrote what I read, twisted what I saw, and changed the words that I heard. I am Ashish Dadwal, a son to my inspiring parents, a father to my curious and growing son, a husband to my supportive wife, and brother to my loving sister. I am a doctor by graduation, a management specialist by post graduation, technical lead by profession and a thinker by nature.

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