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Women Empowerment


Prowess Publishing
November 16, 2021

Book Details

There are some wonderful monographs which deal with the issues of women at the national and global level, but no work of their equivalent has been produced so far with the exclusive purpose of analyzing and reviewing the position and predicaments of women limited to the district of Dakshina Kannada. In this book, Dr. Hegde and Dr. Gowda make attempts to describe the subject of women empowerment in the district, the hurdles in the way of materializing it, and to suggest the general lines on which the various problems that confront women should be tackled in order to get a fairly satisfactory solution. Based on the detailed analysis of the working of women organizations towards realizing the goal of empowerment, the book draws on the districts' literary sources to explain it in a distinctive way. The work will enable the reader to understand the subject in true perspective, as it is based on impartial survey of all the available data. Carefully researched and analyzed, this book will form an essential reading for all those interested on the issues of women empowerment and the contributions of the women organisations towards it in general and the DK district of Karnataka in particular. Traditional approaches to the empowerment of women, particularly in developing countries, tend to stress the primacy of poverty alleviation; this book attempts to explain, along with poverty issue, how other factors such as illiteracy, poor health, lack of opportunity to participate politically etc. fail the goal of women empowerment set in various programmes of the governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Author Description

Working as the President of Women's Forum, Mangalore, Dr. Shakila Hegde is known in the academic circle both as a woman activist and for her specialization in women studies. She is also specialized in Indian constitution and local selfadministration. She has published a number of research papers and articles in various journals and periodicals. She has twenty years of teaching experience at various institutions. At present, she is working as an Assistant Professor at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, Karnataka.
Dr. Nagappa Gowda K is known for his specialization in Indian philosophy. He has published two outstanding books and a dozen of articles and research papers in various reputed journals and periodicals. He has over twenty-five years of experience in teaching Political Science at various levels and research in Indian philosophy and historical writings. At present, he heads the department of Political Science, Dr. P Dayananda Pai-P Satisha Pai Government First Grade College and PG Centre, Carstreet, Mangalore, Karnataka.

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