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Without Warning


March 5, 2022

Book Details

Jake Hunt wants the same as most men, a good woman, interesting work, a home, and children. But Jake is not every man. As an aviation adviser for a global oil company, he no longer has any business with terrorists, but they have business with him. A kidnap, an insurgent attack, and an abduction, and Jake finds himself back at war. As the unwanted drama unfolds, impacting his co-worker and new-found love Nicole Roswell, Jake gets angry. Nicole finds her ideas of right and wrong are tested to the limit, and she realises her charming and thoughtful man is an incorrigible risk taker. As the terrorists escalate their violent campaign, those involved must act to protect themselves and the ones they love. In Jed Hart's new release, Without Warning, the author draws us together with common values throughout the narrative. Culture, religion, and creed are expressed through differing viewpoints; characters who wrestle with moral challenges of our times. Using his own experiences in active war and terrorist situations, Jed Hart has unleashed a fictional story that oozes guns 'n' gusto action, and centres on terrorism, betrayal and brutal conflict. Reflecting on his experiences, Hart stated, "It was quite easy to write a story that revolves around a Vietnam Vet and the issues that he would have to face after seeing so much violence and chaos in war zones."

Author Description

Jed Hart served in minesweepers and destroyers during the Malayan conflict, and as a pilot flying combat assaults in Vietnam. He flew helicopters in many countries, including Brunei, and worked internationally as an aviation manager. Jed was head of security for Shell in Peru during the era of the Sendero Luminoso and Tupac Amaru terrorists, and worked in London as a Shell Aviation Adviser. Jed and his wife Sue founded Hart Aviation, a company that operated in sixty countries.

Editor, Typesetter, Publisher

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