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What Lies Within


Choose Your Words
June 20, 2018

Book Details

"What Lies Within," a riches to rags to reality memoir of the author's early life, evokes memories of a kinder, gentler time in America--the fifties. It takes us into the turbulent sixties when family secrets unravel the author's idyllic youth while the fabric of American life concurrently shreds. The book's themes of love, loss, hope, and resilience resonate with readers from preteen up, but it especially touches Baby Boomers.

Author Description

Libby J. Atwater began telling people's stories more than two decades ago and opened her writing and editorial services business, Choose Your Words, in 1994. She wrote for businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, magazines, and community newspapers. In 1997 she began writing memoirs and family histories, and five years later she began to teach others how to write their life stories. In 2004 she decided it was time to tell her own story. Tales from her life have been published in several anthologies. What Lies Within is her first memoir, and its sequel is in progress.Images and book design Catherine Baker Graphics; Cover design Ojai Digital, www.ojaidigital.com; Author's photographs Pamela James Photography, www.mytime.com

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