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Walk with Parkinson's Disease - The Friend I Chose to Leave Behind

by Mr. Kartik Janakiram


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781545709283

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As the Title reads 'Walk in with Parkinson Disease- The friend I chose to leave behind'- the journey of my life and how with help and the blessing of God I am able to manage life. Parkinson disease has taught me many things. Moreover, it has taught me how to accept and realize that I have Parkinson disease and I can never live life as a normal person. Parkinson disease narrowed my abilities in life but broadened my preview of life itself.By narrowing my abilities – it became clear this is what I have to do. So my life became clear and without confusion. I know this is what I have to do – how to do it – is the walk I took with my friend. The journey each and every one – have to travel alone to find the light. It is not finding the light out there – or searching for it – it is understanding that the light is inside us. Once we find this – our journey begins.It is here we learn to understand that - 'life is meant to be lived and not quit.' It taught me that – why do I consider myself different that others? I realized that all of us are different from others- and have a unique capability to do things.I questioned myself – if that person can do what I do? The answer was no. Then what I am cribbing about. It then struck me that we choose to belief this is what I can do – rather than understanding there is a lot of things we do not know about ourselves. Once we leave our friend behind – life shows us an alternate path for us to choose. 'Walk in with Parkinson Disease- The friend I chose to leave behind' makes me learn that I can do more that I thought I could do before. Hope and faith are the guide in our life – gives me faith that one day I will be free from Parkinson.

Author Information

Mr. Kartik Janakiram

Born into a family of Builders

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