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Unique Thinking: Thought Management for Uniqueness in Thinking and Unique Thought Process

by Srilekha Kaluvakunta


Category : Mythology

ISBN No :9789389097955

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Unique Thinking is one of the best personal development guides that can change the way we think by defining the ways of thinking unique and different; focused on methods and practices to attain these unique thinking capabilities. It covers the concepts of how we need to think in order to achieve the desired results we want and fulfill our aspirations and dreams by way of our thoughts and thought process. It details about how we can change our life by our thoughts to get results just by changing the ways of our thought process; You think unique that is when you act unique and that is when you become unique and distinguished among your colleagues, friends and family.This book Unique Thinking can direct the ways of our thoughts and thought process and illustrates how we can manage our mind and thoughts during the mental states of ambiguity and distraction. It is focused on the concepts of Thought Management for attaining the states of Uniqueness in Thinking and Unique Thought Process.

Author Information

Srilekha Kaluvakunta

I was interested in analyzing about the concepts of thinking unique, thought management and mind control from my childhood and was more inclined towards understanding management of thoughts and thought leadership aspects of it and always wondered how our thoughts influence our life. I had several personal observations for the reason and impact of the changes in the ways of our thinking and thought process in our life. I started my analysis and study about these concepts by interacting with various groups of people from different backgrounds and professions which included spiritual people and masters in meditation practices.

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