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To Heaven After the Storm

by Ari Hallmark


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781937089597

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To Heaven After the Storm is Ari Hallmark's account of her encounter with the heavens. During the April 2011 tornadoes in Arab, Alabama, Ari's parents', grandparents' and cousin's lives were taken, and Ari was knocked unconscious. While her physical body was unconscious, her spirit was invited by angels to go on a journey to the heavens. This book, transcribed by grief counselor Lisa Reburn, is about Ari's journey to and from heaven. Her story is profound and beautiful and continues to awe and inspire those around her.

Author Information

Ari Hallmark

To Ari, for allowing me to join you on your very personal journey and for giving me a better picture of the immediacy of the transition from this life to Heaven…Lisa

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    What an inspirational story from such a young girl! It's heartbreaking the thing this child had to face, losing so many family member. Yet, she will amaze you with her strength, faith and compassion.


    This story, written by a precious little girl, Ari, touched my heart. Picture this child: six years old, her left arm in a cast, almost 70 stitches running up her back, and one side of her head has around 30 staples. She's in a room with five caskets - her mother and father, Grandmother and Grandfather, and a baby cousin, all killed when a tornado destroyed their home. Little Ari called the caskets 'treasure boxes'. :) This was explained in the first few pages, and what came next was a heart-breaking and beautiful story of Ari's trip to what she calls heaven - complete with pictures made by her own little hand. Ari talks of angels and Jesus, but I don't think you have to be a person of similar faith or belief to appreciate the story. It's a glimpse into the heart of a little girl who survived something devastating and emerged with her spirit intact.

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