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Think Different for Living Happy Life


Prowess Publishing
January 31, 2020

Book Details

"Think Different For Living Happy Life" title given to this book is appropriate as it covers many aspects of life and discusses many topics that are of greater importance in our life . By reading this book one can get proper ideas of leading better life because everyone sets higher goals and wants to achieve them, but very few are successful to do it. we all have burning desires to fulfill and many wishes to complete and have possibility and potential both doing so but very few of us become successful in it. We have a long list of wishes and expectations and we want make them Happen, but most of us live monotonous life so are not in a position to reach the level we want. Most of people are traditional thinkers and are feared of thinking out of the box. This book helps to think such a way that we can be able to understand the various aspects of our life. One interesting thing about why the author wanted to pen this book is that the author writes WhatsApp status every day morning for last few months. Some of friends as well as relatives read that status updates everyday and get inspired and be motivated. Due to getting good response from readers, the author thought a good idea of preparing a book so people around the world can read it to give noble cause to their life. This book flashes light on virtues that help us lot for living enlightened, happy and peaceful life. The virtues like discipline, dedication, pity persistency, nobility, kindness, humanity, humility, generosity, positivity and many more, we have to put into practice to live as a true human being. This book is penned with a view and proper notion that we live better life thinking in a proper way, being rational, sensible, responsible, intelligent, emotional, concerned and be human being in a true spirit. At last I would very humbly urge to think for wellbeing of every fellow human being.

Author Description

Mr A. V. Chaudhari, Retired Science teacher who worked as a "Chemistry Teacher" for about 34 years at senior secondary level in prominent schools of Gujarat, India. He is fun-loving, has good sense of humor and is living his life with thrill and zeal doing new things. He is in his early 60s and is very health conscious. One noticeable thing is that after his retirement he is playing new role and for the last 3 years he is working as a "Faculty of IELTS", enjoying his work to the fullest and is very much satisfied. The author always says that don't die many a time before your real death. He follows Indian Vedic spirit of "Think Good, Be Good and Do Good " The author has positive attitude and is against of being judgmental to others. He is a man with multifaceted qualities of being a good orator, a motivational speaker, a writer and a position thinker. He is such a personify who has good traits, due to that has love & due concern for people and has trust in them. Moreover, he is always active learning new things every time and is a Techno-savvy person. He is good at Thought Management so is successful in life and dares do new things without any fear of failures. In addition, the author is very passionate about spreading his thoughts and knowledge by writing some articles. He has such a wit that he never thinks negative & can turn any adverse situation in his favor so nothing can hold him back in life . He works with enthusiasm, keeping pace with time, getting along well with everyone. The author thinks of human religion, the best one according to him, and believes that "Service to Man is Service to God ". He always thinks about people all over the world because of being open-minded and big hearted . He has a good notion about people of the whole world as he thinks them a part of his extended family. His writing will reflect the things said for him.

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