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They Called Them the Fightin' Earps


PTP Book Division
October 21, 2022

Book Details

Wyatt Earp and his brothers came to Tombstone to invest in recently opened silver mines and real estate, to get a share of newly discovered wealth and prosperity and not to continue their law enforcement career. However, they soon realized that on one hand they cannot for long ignore the lawlessness of the town and the surrounding county, and on the other, the presence of the former lawmen did not escape the attention of the local administration and security people of the Wells Fargo Company. Once these people managed to convince Wyatt and his brother Virgil to return to law-maintaining activity, the conflict with the so-called "cowboy gang" was just a matter of time. It not only culminated in the shoot-out at O.K. Corral but once Virgil got shot in ambush a seriously wounded and the second brother Morgan killed while playing pool, it eventually led to the destruction of the afore mention gang and killing its leaders, namely William Brocious, known as "Curly" Bill and John Peters Ringgold known as Ringo.

Author Description

Jiri Cernik, born in Czechoslovakia, emigrated to the United States in 1967. He worked for the FSI, a subdivision of the US Department of State. Motivated by his extensive travel in the American West he wrote in Czech eleven books about the Indians, ranchers, cowboys, miners, and military people. Three of them were published in the USA

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