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The Wraith's Memory


Whitney Rines
April 17, 2021

Book Details

The massacre of a village by a mysterious group of conspirators spreads division and war across Liansea and chases survivors to the last strongholds standing, Terimah and Nismyth. When Terimah's strict entry rules cost more refugee lives-Mortal and Amaranthine alike, refugees turn to Nismyth and their open-gate policy. Unaware of the corruption being cultivated in the ruling family, infecting everyone from the upper echelon down to the lowest villagers. When a mysterious illness brings tragedy to the village of Aritehn, wounding both the population and trust in their rulers, many villagers including a young man named Chiron, seek ways to save Aritehn themselves. An interview with Nismyth's military recruiter sets his course when he is sponsored for education instead, and exposed to more of the corruption than before. Choosing to defy his sponsor costs him more than he could ever fathom and sets a dark path ahead of him. The Wraith's Memory follows Chiron's beginnings and walks the path leading him to his future, and the one who might hold the path to his redemption.

Author Description

Whitney Rines lives in Minnesota, is married to a wonderful man, and has one son. Their family has broad interests from computer science and biking, to cooking, crafts movies, video, board, and card games, travel, and the arts. They have three pets: a ball python named Archie, and two cats named Nami and Mojo. Whitney enjoys telling a good story and bringing enjoyment and adventure to readers of all genres, preferring a mixed style in her writing. She has a wide range of interests in Fantasy, Horror, Mythology, Occult, and folklore from around the world, and it inspires her stories, character building, and setting. She enjoys reading a multitude of genres including classical literature, horror, fantasy, and a non-fiction genres. Whitney also enjoys other forms of the arts, and traveling to different places around the world. She believes that every place has something to offer in tapping inspiration, even if it's just beauty or how plain a place can be. Theres's always something interesting to learn and explore, whever you go, whether in a book, travel, or just talking to new people. Connect with Whitney here: Twitter: author_wr Website: www.whitneyrines.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/bardcorner

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