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The Sun will Rise Again


Prowess Publishing
February 18, 2020

Book Details

This book titled 'THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN' is aimed at inspiring millions of those little buds who are forced to terminate their journey half way, being unable to bear with a few failures. All their inherent skill, talent and aspiration for a better tomorrow, get buried in course of time. Accepting this to be the destiny's cruel decision, they are made to move from door to door with a begging bowl, desperately in search of a faint ray of HOPE—'will the fortune ever smile on us?' The high sounding speeches of some of the selfclaimed Servants of the people on different occasions like Independence Day, Children Day, Army Day and Teachers' Day. . , end up with some promises and assurances—far from reality.Dadaji's dream to change their life, his dedicated & determined efforts to transform his vision to a reality, could instil self confidence among many children, To add to this, Ranimaa's untiring people—friendly activities, handling critical issues fearlessly, changed the lives of Chumki, Jaggu, Lala, Kanha Chahawalla, Sheela, Lakshmi, Chitrasen. . . .and many others, as written in this book.This book containing twenty essays in brief and lucid form, touches various issues we come across, like—protecting the environment, care of children and elderly persons at home, stress management in work place, exploitation of the innocents in the name of religion and faith, providing the basic needs to all—like clean water, shelter, health care, education, safety, and. . .I shall be very happy if the readers take a little trouble to send their valuable suggestions for upgrading the book in the next edition.

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