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The Secret of the Night

by Gaston Leroux


Category : Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

ISBN No :9781304989628

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"BARINIA, the young stranger has arrived." "Where is he?" "Oh, he is waiting at the lodge." "I told you to show him to Natacha's sitting-room. Didn't you understand me, Ermolai?" "Pardon, Barinia, but the young stranger, when I asked to search him, as you directed, flatly refused to let me." "Did you explain to him that everybody is searched before being allowed to enter, that it is the order, and that even my mother herself has submitted to it?" "I told him all that, Barinia; and I told him about madame your mother." "What did he say to that?" "That he was not madame your mother. He acted angry." "Well, let him come in without being searched." "The Chief of Police won't like it." "Do as I say." Ermolai bowed and returned to the garden. The "barinia" left the veranda, where she had come for this conversation with the old servant of General Trebassof, her husband, and returned to the dining-room in the datcha des Iles,..

Author Information

Gaston Leroux

Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux (6 May 1868[1]

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