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The Second Tattoo


August 6, 2014

Book Details

It is the author's sincere hope and desire that the reader will come to understand and realize the importance and significance of the book's title and that those who read this book will find a clearer and perhaps deeper understanding of faith in God.
The author takes us through his father, Wilhelm Senior's eyes to the eastern front of World War II. He relates how Wilhelm Senior's faith in God helps him cope with the unbelievable circumstances of a medic in field hospitals in WWII. Author Wilhelm uses the narrative approach to make us a part of the many scenes of his story and that of his father.
The importance of spiritual values and how they play into one's behavior in stressful situations is a deeply thought provoking element of this book.

The accounts are woven together with a back-drop of un-relenting faith in God, who intervened many times.
There is something here for the historian and for students and observers of the human condition as well.

Author Description

The author was born into an ethnic German community, better known as "Danube Swabians" at the onset of World War II in Yugoslavia. The author's formative years are dictated by the ravages of war. A war torn world becomes his playground. Father Wilhelm is conscripted into the German army, although a citizen of Yugoslavia. His father receives the unwanted NATZI Tattoo under his left arm. Amidst this chaos mother Kathrine takes her two young sons flees on foot to Hungary and from there to Austria. Death and destruction lie in their pathway. In the process of being transported by the Russian army to the Godless East German communist state, the family is reunited and East Germany becomes home for a short time. A miraculous escape from East to West under gunfire brings a new life in West Germany. God's guiding light leads to America where daring to dream again becomes a reality. Totally immersed in American life, the author earns a Bachelor Degree in secondary education and post graduate work sets the tone for a successful teaching tenure. Indebted to God, the author's love of America never dims.

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