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The Rebel Girl’s Guide to Marketing: Stop Committing Random Acts of Marketing!


February 28, 2023

Book Details

Ever feel like you're just committing random acts of marketing? Do you know you need marketing yet have NO IDEA where to start? Start here.If you're looking for a boring business book, put this one down—it's not for you. This book is about having a RebelMindset and intended to make you think outside the proverbial box of how you create your sales and marketing strategies, considering what marketing is and what it is not.This book is for:• business owners who are frustrated because their marketing is not working• organizations that are getting less than stellar reviews• entrepreneurs who hate to sell • business owners who need to generate leads and find more customersHow do you know if you need better marketing? Trust your instincts. You picked up this book, so somewhere in the back of your mind you know your sales and marketing strategies can be improved.At its core, marketing is perception. The hard part is knowing the who, how, when, why, and where to build that perspective! For example: do you know what your voicemail greeting sounds like to a customer? Is it welcoming and inviting for them to leave a message? Or does it sound like you are rushed and just too busy to bother answering the phone when they call? Still not sure this book is for you? Ask yourself this: do you know how you and your organization is being perceived by your customers, prospects, network, and your team?WARNING: As you read this book, you'll need a pen. The content is intended to be interactive. Each chapter has a downloadable PDF worksheet for you to fill-in so you can take what you learn and customize it to you and your organization.The old saying is that "you cannot see the forest for the trees." Let me be your guide out of the marketing wilderness and help you create sales and marketing strategies that work!

Author Description

Lisa Raebel is the Founder, Speaker, & Chief Storyteller of Rebel Girl Marketing, LLC. As a marketing executive and sales expert, she developed the RebelMindset by stepping out of the traditional, old school thinking of how marketing 'should' be done. Lisa provides unbiased and fearless honesty to her clients, saying the things that need to be said, knowing marketing and sales strategies that put the client first…work! Companies that have worked with Lisa have found record breaking results because they stopped doing what they've always done and adopted the RebelMindset.

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