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The Life & Travels of Saint Cuthwin


February 25, 2021

Book Details

The Life and Travels of Saint Cuthwin is a story of deep love and desperate survival in 11th Century England, a story told by a man named Cuthwin, born a peasant, who faced horror after horror in order to live for 85 years, at which time he told his story to a young monk who wrote it down. He wanted to tell his story – warts and all – since he had been informed that the Church was considering naming him as a Saint, an honor which Cuthwin absolutely denied. He attempted to discredit any such thoughts by revealing what he considered to be very UN-saintlike thoughts and actions. The accuracy with which Warner details life in this tumultuous period of history Is remarkable. He creates characters who come alive on the page, characters that a reader can truly imagine living in this violent and deeply religious period and who struggled through the bloody invasion of the Normans in 1066. The Life and Travels of Saint Cuthwin is literature in its truest sense, i.e., a deep and compelling story with strong and clearly developed characters told by a master of the craft. I'm no longer the publisher of Pleasure Boat Studio, but I can say that this is one of the very best books Pleasure Boat Studio ever released. It's a book any press would be proud of. -Jack Estes, Former Publisher of Pleasure Boat Studio CUTHWINandCWENBURH.com

Author Description

Irving Warner is the author of five other books from Pleasure Boat Studio, including In Memory of Hawks and Other Stories of Alaska and The War Journal of Lila Ann Smith. He has traveled extensively throughout his life. He lived in Hawaii for nine years and spent thirty-three years in Alaska. There he worked in fisheries, fisheries science, and wildlife biology and as a teacher at a community college in Kodiak. After that, he settled down in in Port Angeles, Washington, where he has spent the past six years writing THE LIFE & TRAVELS OF SAINT CUTHWIN, and where he has resided for the past fourteen years.

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